OLD CFO and CRO functions to converge as market volatility increases pressure on Banks

Everybody talk about CFO CRO Integration, but what is needed to reach an effective Finance/Risk convergence? This article try to summarize the key factors that can allow a closer CFO CRO collaboration in order to help Financial Institutions to reach future goals in strategy, steering, business opportunity and compliance. It is not only a matter of technology and shared data, but also of culture, people, leadership, collaboration models, quality and innovation at every level.

Andrea Chirieleison
22 August 2014

CFOs and CROs in the financial sector are facing a period of simultaneous and disruptive events consequent to the recent financial crisis. Markets and economic volatility together with regulatory and commercial pressures are producing a challenging environment never seen in the past. Finance and risk functions within many financial firms have begun to build a […]