Capital Markets Systems

The global financial crisis of 2008 pushed the investment banking community to reach consensus on the issue of a more controlled risk management environment for capital markets. It encouraged them to pay closer attention to the latest innovation and technology trends to help prompt change in the sector.


Financial institutions are upgrading their technology infrastructure by incorporating the latest advances and by developing partnerships with capable enterprise software providers. Banks want to gather their requirements and then outsource ad-hoc software solutions to an expert provider, in order to respond to customer and business needs quickly and effectively.

Information technology (IT) systems support business processes, maximise cost efficiencies, drive revenue growth and help to maintain a company’s overall competitive advantage in the marketplace. Although initial IT implementation costs can be substantial, the resulting long-term cost savings provide good return on investment as new systems can help banks reduce transactional costs.

Despite IT being crucial for product development, a large number of companies are still struggling to make the right decisions on which new technologies should be implemented due to the lack of a clear strategy. Companies must not forget to consider the entire front to back value chain if they want to apply effective technology solutions. These are necessary for growth and innovation in the industry.


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