Loyalty Is Becoming The New Growth Enabler In Financial Services


Tesco, British Airways, Amex Membership Rewards, Millemiglia, Bonus Garanti, Sconti Banco-Posta, Nectar. We all know those loyalty programmes first as consumers and then as advisors of many of these market players.

Since early 70’s, when manufacturers launched initiatives to stimulate their goods purchases (independent points collection), the loyalty initiatives have become the core of marketing planning for Retailers, Airlines, Fuel company (which launched the multiplayers collections and catalogues). By the end of 90’s Loyalty Programmes extended their application in the Utility and Banking industries.

Loyalty became the crucial marketing tool (the 5th P of the Marketing Mix) when the mass market scenario changed in a “hypercompetitive” arena: consumers have been offered multiple choice, with an always growing number of players, higher penetration of products and a decreasing pricing curve. Brand loyalty has definitely lost its strength in keeping the relation with customers and the strategic marketing focus moved from customer acquisition to fight to maintain their monthly budget share. Different Loyalty initiatives offered all possible ways to drive profitable behaviors among customers, using any means possible: points, miles, rewards, incentives, enhancements, cashback.

At Be we partner with some of the best-known global brands, helping them attract and retain customers by offering rewards for using their products. We develop loyalty solutions that are adaptable and flexible – tailored to the Partners’ specific needs. An effective Loyalty Programme can only be a customized one, based on:

  • Competive positioning
  • Integrated offer with Retailers
  • Deep knowledge of customers
  • Clear definition of the programme Targets – Increase share of wallet, via shifting spend from the competitors and increasing spend via crosssell and up-sell initiatives; Increase market share in environments of competitive parity; Improve lifetime customer value by identifying and overcoming sources of attrition; Enhance the customer experience in order to create loyalty and brand advocacy.

As a Business Consultants firm we support our partner to identify the Best Option Loyalty Plan, independently of the technical solution. Paramount is to talk to each customer in the proper way and to avoid standardized rewards to all clients. Needless to say, we put all efforts driving innovation in the emerging digital and mobile spaces, the new innovative solution, with higher chance of success.

Our aim is to align the loyalty to the business strategy ensuring a positive ROI. The virtuous circle we advocate to our Partner is based on:

  1. Business intelligence: aiming to segment customer base and understand a likely migration path to exploit maximum value from customers and avoid their attrition
  2. Marketing and Communication: to customize offer to different cluster stimulating up selling and cross-selling and to maintain the customer lifecycle
  3. Campaign management activities: aimed to define rules of contacts, execute marketing campaign offering each cluster the right value proposition via the appropriate channel
  4. CRM data enrichment: to improve segmentation, leverage on previous experience and track marketing results at single customers level

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